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Crossword Puzzle

The sacrifices and achievements of the thousands of Aboriginal-Canadians who have volunteered to serve in the cause of peace and freedom over the years have been significant. Read the Aboriginal Canadians in the Second World War public information sheet and the Native Soldiers - Foreign Battlefields historical booklet then try this crossword puzzle to see how much you know about the many accomplishments of Aboriginal-Canadians in uniform.

Crossword Puzzle


3. Tommy _______ (6 spaces horizontal) served in the Second World War and the Korean War, spending time as a member of the Devil’s Brigade and earning 13 medals.

5. Tom ___________ (8 spaces horizontal) was a world-class Aboriginal-Canadian runner who was twice wounded while serving as a despatch carrier, running messages between units.

8. David _______________ (8 spaces horizontal) earned a Greek Military Cross for his valour in supporting the Greek Mountain Brigade in Italy during the Second World War.

10. The National Aboriginal Veterans Monument includes four animals that represent ‘spirit guides’ - the wolf, grizzly bear, bison and _________ (7 spaces horizontal).

11. More than 3,000 status Indians and an unknown number of Inuit, Métis and other Natives served in the _______ (6 spaces horizontal) World War.

13. The Royal Canadian Navy ships HMCS Huron, Iroquois, and Algonquin all served in the Pacific during the _________ (6 spaces horizontal) War.

14. Henry Louis Norwest was awarded a Military Medal for his valour during the Battle of ____  (4 spaces horizontal) Ridge.


1. Aboriginal-Canadian soldiers earned acclaim in the roles of _________ (7 spaces vertical) and reconnaissance scouts during the First World War.

2. Edith Anderson _________ (7 spaces vertical) was a nurse who volunteered to help sick and wounded American soldiers in France during the First World War.

4. Aboriginal-Canadians who volunteered for the First World War sometimes had to travel great distances to ________ (6 spaces vertical) in the army.

6. Most Aboriginal-Canadians who served in the First World War fought on the Western Front, the line of ________ (8 spaces vertical) that stretched from Switzerland to the North Sea.

7. Oliver ________ (6 spaces vertical) was known as the Brigadier-Magistrate and held the highest rank ever reached by an Aboriginal-Canadian.

9. Many Aboriginal-Canadians in the North serve with the Canadian ________ (7 spaces vertical), keeping an eye on our coast and helping in search-and-rescue efforts.

12. During the Second World War, Aboriginal-Canadians broadened their previous military roles in the army to also serve in the air force and ________ (4 spaces vertical).

Answers to crossword puzzle.

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