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Symbols of Remembrance Bookmark Activity

The 'Symbols of Remembrance Bookmark' could be used in a variety of ways in your classroom depending on the grade level. You may wish to simply create and colour the bookmarks while discussing the meaning of each with your students, or you may wish to allow them to independently learn about each symbol at six different Symbols of Remembrance Learning "Stations" or "centres" in your classroom or library.

Materials Needed

Option One – Making the Bookmark (suggested for Grades K-3)


  • Print and cut out the bookmark template.
  • Fold template in half along the centre dotted line and glue together to make the bookmark.
  • Punch a hole at one end of the bookmark and tie on a length of wool, string or ribbon.
  • You can use the fact sheets on Remembrance Symbols as a basis for class discussion. There is some information about each symbol, and they also can help to guide students about which colours to use (for instance, the Dickin Medal has particular colours), and you can display the Fact sheets in your classroom as well.

Option Two – Remembrance Learning Stations (suggested for Grades 4-6)


  • Print and prepare bookmarks as described in Option 1 above.
  • Set up six learning stations, and place a different Remembrance Fact Sheet at each station.
  • Divide your students up into 6 groups. Each group will start at one of the 6 stations.
  • Give them time to read the handouts. You may even wish to leave remembrance related books or novels at each of the stations that may pertain to that symbol. They could participate in reading aloud or shared reading.
  • Once they have read the Fact Sheet at their station, and understand the meaning of the symbol, they can colour that particular symbol on their bookmarks.
  • Each group will then rotate on to the next station.
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