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Ningeoseak Etidloi

In memory of:

Special Constable Ningeoseak Etidloi

November 12, 1979
Cape Dorset, Northwest Territories

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Cape Dorset, NWT

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June 14, 1972

S/Cst. Etidloi had recently been transferred to Cape Dorset from Clyde River. He just moved there with his family and their food was running low. A member from the detachment needed to go to Kiugak Ashoona and S/Cst. Etidloi was one of the few locals who knew how to get there. S/Cst. Etidloi wanted to do some walrus hunting along the way. He drowned, when the boat he was on (with three others) was engulfed in nearly blizzard conditions. S/Cst. Etidloi was married to Kooyuke and they had two children. S/Cst. Etidloi’s body was never found.

Commemorated on Page 163 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Honour Roll Book.

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