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Canadian Korean War Memorial Garden

The Canadian Korean War Memorial Garden is situated northeast of Kapyong-gun and just below the hills which were defended by Canadian Forces in the Battle of Kapyong in April 1951.

Buk-Myeon, Gapyeong-gun, South Korea


Korean War

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207-4 Igok-ri, Buk-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, South Korea

The Canadian Korean War Memorial Garden is open 24 hours a day.

Battle of Kapyong

The Battle of Kapyong was one of the first major actions that Canadians participated in during the Korean War. Our soldiers were almost overrun by the Chinese at Kapyong but fortunately were able to drive them back. Ten Canadians were killed in the battle.

Holding at Kapyong by Edward Zuber

Creating a Memorial Garden

In the 1970s, Mr. Chi Kap Chong, a retired Korean journalist and former member of the Korean National Assembly, selected land for a memorial park. He raised funds to purchase the land and supervised the construction. This memorial commemorates Canada’s assistance to his country during the Korean War.

Three monuments

There are three monuments at the Memorial Garden. One has a plaque which describes Canada’s role in the Korean War. It reads:

Between 1950 and 1953, Canada participated in the Korean War as part of a United Nations multinational force to protect South Korea from invasion by North Korea. When considered in proportion to the population of the country, Canada's army, navy and air force formed one of the largest contingents of the United Nations forces. Some 27,000 Canadians left behind the comforts of home in the interests of peace and security in a region far removed from their own country. Five hundred and sixteen of them gave their lives in the name of this noble cause. Recognized for their military skills and the recipients of many military decorations, these valiant Canadians embodied their country's commitments to safeguard the fundamental principles of the United Nations.

Written in stone

A stone cairn honouring the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry also stands in the park. A stone tablet with three panels written in Korean, English and French lists the Canadian military units that took part in the Korean War.

Koreans honour Canadian sacrifice

A larger memorial was unveiled in 1985. It was dedicated by the people of Korea to the memory of the soldiers who served during the Korean War and those who died and were wounded.

A living memorial

Every year, various Canadian organizations award scholarships to Korean students of the Kapyong Buk Middle School. These scholarships are seen as a "living memorial" and provide ongoing support to the Korean people. The children from this school help maintain the memorial park.

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