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Christmas at the Front

soldiers receiving Christmas mail

Christmas is a special time of year to be with family. Although we all benefit from Canada’s military efforts, most of us have little understanding of war and its impact on everyday life around the world. We may often overlook the little things, such as the difficulties and heartache that soldiers and their families feel while being apart at Christmas. No one wants to be away from their loved ones during the holidays, but for Canadian troops and their families, it can be a sad reality.

Christmas Day Honour Roll

Honouring those who fell on Christmas Day during their military service.

Learning activities

For youth, educators and the young at heart; learning materials in the Christmas spirit.

Photo galleries

Photos of Christmas in the Canadian Armed Forces throughout the years.


Stories from the First World War, Second World War and post-war.

Personal stories

Experience Christmas in the Canadian Armed Forces through the personal recollections of those who have served.

Video montage – Christmas remembered

A montage of personal recollections from those who have served.

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