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Diary (copied from Passport)

Feb. 2/41
Left London – arrived Methil, Scotland

Feb. 11
Sailed to Grangemouth, then to Oban to join convoy

Feb, 14
Sailed out of Oban in convoy for approximately 200 miles, convoy dispersed with codded orders from the Admiralty for route to be followed.

Feb. 22
Shelled and sunk by Gneisenau

Feb. 28
Transferred to tanker and prison ship Ermeland/ loaded with MN POWs

Mar. 23
Arrived Verdun, Lapolise near Bordeaux then by bus to LaRochelle.

Slept in LaRochelle city hall for one day with piles of hay for beds

Arrived in camp, Ste. Medard en Jalles: horrible food.

Left Ste. Medarde camp: jammed into third class carriages all seats removed: five days, through Paris, Belgium, Holland to Germany, last stop Bremervorde near Hamburgh and Bremen. Escape of prisoners at Aachen.

Apr. 6
Arrived camp after 14 km walk.

Apr. 7
Settled down in camp, other prisoners here Naval & colonial, officers and ratings separate barracks=food 8 men per loaf of bread – butter every two days,water contaminated – tea and coffee lousy, bathed and clothes cleaned. 18 men per room, 3 tier bunks.

April 8
Extra clothes supplied for wearing around camp, British Army uniform, hats, pants, coats etc.

Apr. 9,
Every day we muster for counting, 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Breakfast at 7.30 a.m., dinner at 11.30 a.m., supper (tea) at 4 p.m.

Given number today-George Shaker, POW # 90268

Good Friday, Crew of A.D. Huff to move tomorrow

Loaded on to lorries, taken to German naval barracks in Wilhelmshaven, bedded down for night.

Easter Sunday, Bread and jam, coffee in guards building near docks. Treated well, not much food.

A little exercise this morning; good dinner; moved with my own shipmates; letter sent home.

Received 2 parcels to divide amongst 30 men-butter, chocolate, honey, fish, biscuits, cigarettes – one.

Parcel divided out, small share for everyone; air raid this morning-taken to shelters.

Air raid again last night, in shelters from 11 p.m. to 5.a.m same place.

Another raid last night from midnight to 2 a.m. working today, extra to eat.

Apr. 19.
8 weeks since our capture; no air raid last night-moved from upper room in German naval barracks to lower room; each prisoner being interrogated individually and then move to another room.

Hitler's birthday; more to eat from Red Cross, candy, biscuits etc.

Apr. 21
Nothing to report today – still questioning – air raid last night.

Apr. 22
Tuesday – extra cigarette

Apr. 23
Wednesday – working outside during air raid.

Apr. 24
Still at Wilhelmshaven – not questioned yet air raids.

Apr. 25
Monotonous – played cards – air raid.

Saturday, working around the barracks, air raid last night

Apr. 27
Sunday, cigarettes

Apr. 28
Monday, no raid last night, moved to upper room.

Tuesday, no raid last night, working cleaning out offices and corridors. Bread and jam every night, getting less.

Apr. 30
Working again this morning and afternoon, extra cigarettes today.

May 1
Holiday today, air raid last night lasted our hours. No one working today.

May 2
Friday, Back to work around the barracks grounds, no raid last night, good nights rest.

May 3
Raid last night again, 1.00 am to 4.30. a few biscuits and cheese issued today.

May 4
Sunday, Leaving for Bremevorte camp, one loaf between three men, 1 small tin syrup between two.

May 5
Left Wilhelmshaven 6.00 am arrived Bremevorte, 2.00 pm. placed in naval camp.

May 6
R oom with our own officers, officers and ratings separated

May 7
Wed. Taking shorthand lessons, competition, etc? Received Red Cross parcel yesterday

May 8
Cigarettes issued today from Red Cros parcel, eating good now with parcels.

May 9
Camp run by navy – lessons of all kinds on every day – Bread Duff.

May 10
Round about five, homework, more parcels in today, concert, football etc.

May 11
letter sent home today, parcels running out.

May 12
Soccer teams, darts, cribbage

May 13
More parcels today, football game.

May 14
Ordinary day, breakfast, dinner

May 15
Regular run of day, played football

May 16
Received parcels, my peggy day.

" 17
Shorthand class today ???????????

" 18
Sunday Service – another bread duff concert rehearsal

May 19
Mon. Shorthand etc. received parcel, more coming in every day

" 20
Regular day – watched football games etc.

" 21
Classes etc . . .

May 22
Canadian parcel

" 23

" 24
S. Shorthand

" 25
Service – dancing etc. opening game

" 26
Classes – football

" 27
More Canadian parcels

May 28
Sent shoes for repair/ more dancing

May 29
Table tennis – cleared table in galley to play (I never played)

May 30
No entry.

May 31
Saturday, dancing classes. Whitsun Week.

June 1,
Sunday, church services in morning, watched football games in afternoon.

June 2,
Mon. Holiday weekendd, no work

June 3,
Tues. Everything back to normal, my Red Cross parcel day.

June 4,
Wed. Off to spanish class. Shorthand etc.

June 5,
Thur Washing sheets, library etc. barter etc.

June 6,
Fri. Regular day -? Peter Bird=Ward? escaped.

June 7,
Sat. Defferent day, football games, last of season.

June 8,
Sun. No church today, plenty of books to read.

June 9,
Mon. Sports starting, vegatables in canteen.

June 10,
Tues. All sports off – rain, cold and wet weather.

June 11,
Wed. still raining just a little of sunshine.

June 12,
Thur. More rain, new commandant – fomer naval man

June 13,
Fri. More sports, little news.

June 14,
Sat. Concert starting – chinese ?????

June 15,
Sun. Concert still on – Church service, Billls Duff.

June 16,
Mon. to June 30, week spent at concerts given by Marlag and Milag camps, Navy sports still proceeding and Red Cross parcels coming in – one letter received by me and Mate Gerald Conrod – letters received by other members of ship, Red Cross parcels still coming, one each week. Concerts still in progress.

July 1, through 13
Usual run of classes – shorthand military, Spanish at library. The Orama Band concert.

July 14,
Bill received letter from New York.

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