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Many Friends were Lost.

Heroes Remember

Many Friends were Lost.

Interviewer: And we so often hear that about the strong bond of friendship that develops. It’s hard to explain. You had to, you know, experience it. And the irony of my three friends that went to 6 Group, they were all killed on different raids on different days and the irony is in ’91 when the big reunion of air force in Winnipeg, I went out for that and I found out that the three of them are buried in the same cemetery in Germany. Sad. I remember in Bournemouth of being on parade and the parade, whoever it was, he said, “I’m gonna tell you your chances. Look to your right and look to your left. This time next year there will only be one of you!” And Johnny MacLay (sp) was on my right and Mel Orr was on my left and that prophecy came out one hundred percent.

Mr. Muir expresses his sadness for the buddies he lost during his time with Bomber Command.

Fraser Muir

Fraser Alexander (Red) Muir was born on June 27, 1924, in Westville, Nova Scotia. Mr. Muir trained as an air gunner and received his wings at Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island, in January 1943. He was seconded to the Royal Air Force (RAF) after arriving overseas in April, 1943, and was eventually posted to 50 Squadron, 5 Group, RAF Bomber Command based in England. Mr. Muir served as a mid upper gunner, and completed 35 operations over enemy territory, and had achieved the rank of warrant officer 2 at the end of the war. On returning to Canada, he returned to high school, and went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He was employed at Air Canada, retiring in 1983 after 30 years of service.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
June 3, 2012
Person Interviewed:
Fraser Muir
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Air Force
RAF 50 Squadron
Mid Upper / Tail Gunner

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