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I’ve Done my Part

Heroes Remember

Interviewer: In reflecting back on the significance that the Canadians played in the Persian Gulf War, tell us about the pride you feel for the contribution that was made. Well, I guess it’s really important. It was events of the day that needed to be addressed and you could not back away or ignore. If you did, it’s the bully in the sandbox; if you don’t deal with the bully in the sandbox, you know, respectfully or physically or forcibly you still have to deal with a person like that so it had to be done. The fact that it was done by so many countries in a huge coalition of support was phenomenal and well warranted. There was no hesitation on anybody’s part when we learned that we had to play our part. So yes there is great pride in what we’ve done. So I come out of it and like I said earlier about the, in your career you wonder what will I be doing, what conflict will I be involved in so now I am on the other side of it and I think that was mine. So I’ve done my part, I’m good with that, I’ve served my country, I played my role. It’s all worth it!

I’ve Done my Part

Craig Norman

Mr. Craig Norman was born February 1, 1961 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. After completing high school, Mr. Norman enlisted with the Air Force as an Air Weapons System Technician holding rank of Master Corporal. While in Germany, Mr. Norman was selected to be part of the Persian Gulf war providing service delivery for the CF18’s; a time in his military career that he feels very proud of. After 22 years of military service, in Canada and overseas, Mr. Norman retired from the military. He now resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 27, 2016
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Craig Norman
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Canadian Armed Forces
Persian Gulf
Air Force

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