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Remembrance Moments - Indigenous Veterans

Remembrance Moments

Remembrance Moments - Indigenous Veterans

Remembrance Moments Canada’s Indigenous Veterans

Soldiers climb out of a trench

Soldiers running through a battlefield

As many as 12,000 Indigenous Canadians

Soldiers of the 20th battalion stand in formation with their rifles

Soldiers emerge from a trench onto the battlefield

Served and sacrificed

Joseph Bomberry and George Buck pose for a photo

A group of five voluntary recruits from Saskatchewan pose for a photo

In two World Wars

Landing crafts carrying soldiers travel through the water

Soldiers march in formation

Sgt. Tommy Prince (R) with his brother Pte. Morris Prince (L) look out into the distance

And the Korean War

Pte. Lloyd Michon (L) and Pte. Fred Young (R) and Edith Anderson (Helene Moses)

These courageous men and women

Soldiers march in formation

Left their home communities

Two female military personnel pose for a photo in dress uniform

Soldiers march in formation

To join the fight for freedom

Lt. David Greyeyes

Sgt. Tommy Prince salutes

Skilled marksmen

Three soldiers pose for a photo

Talented scouts

A group of soldiers pose for a picture. In front two men wear traditional native headdresses

Fearless soldiers

Symbolic codes

Code talkers

Cpl. Huron Brant is awarded a medal

Their bravery and skill have been recognized

Naval boats

By countries around the world

Chief Joe Dreaver (L) and Nelson Shead (R)

Cpl. Francis Pegahmagabow and officers of the 1st Battalion pose for a photo

This proud tradition of service to our country

Soldiers partaking in modern day warfare

Continues to this day #RememberThem

Military personnel standing at attention for a moment of silence during a Remembrance Day ceremony

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Canada’s Indigenous Veterans

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August 22, 2016

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