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Remembering the Fallen at Beaumont Hamel


Remembering the Fallen at Beaumont Hamel


Title - Remembering the Fallen at Beaumont-Hamel

Canadian delegates on tour of Beaumont-Hamel site

Interviewer: While in France our delegation are given a tour of Beaumont-Hamel.

Veterans strolling along the pathway of BH site

Being part of the delegation not only as a Veteran and Youth but a true Newfoundlander, members of our delegation speak about the pride for their heritage and share the emotions they feel as they stand on the sacred ground of the many relatives who did not return home.

Youth delegate, Brianna Bugden, being interviewed

It’s really, really incredible. It’s crazy to think that all this actually happened. Like, I know, we always get told about Beaumont-Hamel and how it’s like really symbolic for us and like in history class and everything we learn about it but it’s completely different actually being here and seeing it and living it, it’s amazing.

Canadian Veteran Dave Flanagan being interviewed

I’ve been here four times now and it seems like every time I come here it gets more powerful. I started the tour today and I got first round through and I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t go down around anymore, This is the fourth time as I said and it’s getting harder. I thought that it was getting easier but it’s getting harder. It’s deep, deep down and the kids explain it so well here in the park exactly what happened that you can see it in people that don’t know anything about Beaumont-Hamel that the kids are instilling the facts of what happened here; the slaughter and to me it’s too hard for me to take, I had to back out of the tour, I couldn’t finish the tour.

Youth delegate, Benjamin Pollard, being interviewed

Last year was the 100th anniversary so there was a lot going on about it back home. When you come here to actually see right behind us where they left St. John’s trench named after our capital city, and then just over my left shoulder where they were massacred, just to watch the actual footsteps they took it moves something in you. It’s something people should come and see for sure. I recommend it to any Newfoundlander to come here because this is somewhere that changed us as a people.

Monument of caribou at Beaumont-Hamel

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While on tour of Beaumont-Hamel, Newfoundland delegates speak about the pride and emotions they have for visiting the site in respect for the fellow Newfoundlanders who fought and died here.

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April 11, 2017
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