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Daily Routine while On Patrol

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Daily Routine while On Patrol

Croatia, if I wasn’t on patrol, as I said earlier our UMS was in some sort of a school/orphanage type of thing. If I didn’t do any patrol, I guess we got up at 5:30 or something like that. We got up, do my personal toiletry, breakfast and then anybody coming in for sick parade basically; it’s like you walking to a medical clinic and I’d be screening the patients and once the screening is done do an examination and go up to the medical officer, this is what I have doc, blah, blah, blah and once it’s all done help with the treatment of the patient so that‘d basically be a part of the day and if I wasn’t working the treatment role well we had pharmacy stores so I would be working in there getting medical orders for the guys that are in the platoon houses and if I wasn’t there on another day I would be outside maintaining the maintenance of vehicles. On patrol, well basically let’s say, for example there was a rifle company, well they’d go from village to village and inspect the area to look if there is any infractions of the peace accords and I would be there just providing medical support to the rifle company, type of thing. I remember one incident, 2004, Bosnia and we were going around on patrol and there was this old lady. She was living in the annex of her house because the other part was blown up. She was 80 years old and she had second degree burns on her hands because she was using a fireplace so I went over and did some treatment on her, follow up treatment and stuff like that. I know that wasn’t part of the mandate but you’re a human being, you are seeing somebody in need so stuff like that I did so that’s a bit of the stuff on patrol we did.

Mr. Allaire provides detail of his roles and responsibilities as a medic while on patrol.

Denis Allaire

Mr. Denis Allaire was born December 25, 1962 in Timmons, Ontario. As a young man, Mr. Allaire recalls his decision to join the military as a selfish opportunity for financial and security reasons and enlisted on a bet. He trained as a medic receiving trades training in Cornwallis, Ontario, OJT in Trenton, Ontario and then six month training at Borden, Ontario Medical School. Joining the 5 Field Ambulance Division as an army medic, Mr. Allaire deployed overseas, his first deployment being in 1993 to Croatia, then Rwanda followed by two tours to Bosnia. After 24 years of military service, he discharged from the military. Mr. Allaire retires having a great sense of pride for his contribution and is thankful that he made that decision in life to join the Canadian Forces.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
March 9, 2010
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Denis Allaire
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Canadian Armed Forces
5 Field Ambulance

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