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Daily Routine in Field Hospital

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Daily Routine in Field Hospital

Rwanda, well I basically stayed within because we had a dehydration point, was a 300 bed field hospital and all the refugees coming in from the Congo back into Rwanda. It was a point for, it was a hydration point, however, we started doing more and more extra things because we know this stuff. I know there was a couple of births in there. I know the engineers built an incubator out of lamps and stuff, that was kind of a nice thing to see. Near the end of that tour for some reason every time I started my shift there I started getting ill, sick and feverish so at the end they put me in the administration doing all the paperwork, collecting all the statistics of all the stuff we seen in the camp. A few times we went down, I went down with a water pint to collect some water. We got confronted with Hutu’s or Tutsi’s, I can’t remember which side but at a checkpoint we had a few incidents there like they wouldn’t let us through the checkpoint, we had to kind of force our way through.

Mr. Allaire speaks about his duties within the field hospital taking on more administrative duties due to ongoing illness.

Denis Allaire

Mr. Denis Allaire was born December 25, 1962 in Timmons, Ontario. As a young man, Mr. Allaire recalls his decision to join the military as a selfish opportunity for financial and security reasons and enlisted on a bet. He trained as a medic receiving trades training in Cornwallis, Ontario, OJT in Trenton, Ontario and then six month training at Borden, Ontario Medical School. Joining the 5 Field Ambulance Division as an army medic, Mr. Allaire deployed overseas, his first deployment being in 1993 to Croatia, then Rwanda followed by two tours to Bosnia. After 24 years of military service, he discharged from the military. Mr. Allaire retires having a great sense of pride for his contribution and is thankful that he made that decision in life to join the Canadian Forces.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
March 9, 2010
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Denis Allaire
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Canadian Armed Forces

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