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Philosophy of Life so Different

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Philosophy of Life so Different

Croatia, if you had one house a Serb lived here, a Croat here and let’s say a Serb here, and these two were against the Croat, they would go, implode, blow up the house and kill all the livestock on that land because in their philosophy this is all contaminated and they would not even use the land to graze, at least that was the philosophy in ’92 in Croatia. And in Rwanda in ’94 it was a similar philosophy, let’s say one village was Hutu and one village was Tutsi and the government forces and I can’t remember what they’re called, one tribe would come in and wipe out this village and you would think they would use the real estate but no and in their philosophy as well that’s contaminated soil so they wouldn’t even touch it. So that’s something hard to conceive how bad prejudism carries through. And that’s why today I can’t stand prejudism because I saw the extreme grotesque how prejudism could be.

Mr. Allaire speaks about the philosophy of the Croatian and Rwanda culture and how they treated other tribes of different beliefs.

Denis Allaire

Mr. Denis Allaire was born December 25, 1962 in Timmons, Ontario. As a young man, Mr. Allaire recalls his decision to join the military as a selfish opportunity for financial and security reasons and enlisted on a bet. He trained as a medic receiving trades training in Cornwallis, Ontario, OJT in Trenton, Ontario and then six month training at Borden, Ontario Medical School. Joining the 5 Field Ambulance Division as an army medic, Mr. Allaire deployed overseas, his first deployment being in 1993 to Croatia, then Rwanda followed by two tours to Bosnia. After 24 years of military service, he discharged from the military. Mr. Allaire retires having a great sense of pride for his contribution and is thankful that he made that decision in life to join the Canadian Forces.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
March 9, 2010
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Denis Allaire
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Canadian Armed Forces

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