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Proof we Made a Difference

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Proof we Made a Difference

Twenty four years of service in the military. The ad that says live the adventure, seek the adventure, there’s no life like it, well that’s very true. There is always suffering, hatred going on in different areas of the world and yes we have made a difference. And I will conclude by this. My sister started her first year in political science and she called me because I have taken political science and history in the past and I was explaining the difference between a parliamentary system and a presidential system and she was asking me more about the parliamentary system and I was explaining how democracy works, so on and so forth and then it clued into me well there’s a NATO website and there is a part in there that says it’s member countries and all these member countries and what type of government it is and if it’s a presidential system or a parliamentary system and I said that would help out my sister. And I think it was in alphabetical and right there I saw Croatia and I was stunned. So I click there and I look, holy cow so I look there. And so I say, “Joc, I’m amazed!” She says “What?” I said, “In ’93 when I was in Croatia and some parts we were conflicting with the Croat forces, we had scrimmages with them and now it’s 2009, I think that was in October of 2009, I said “Joc, I can’t believe it! Croatia is a full fledge member of NATO.” And the thing of experience of ’93 in Croatia is all worth it even though I still suffer and have some pains. When I saw Croatia a member of NATO and to be a member of NATO you have to have the same criteria as Canada, being a pleuristic democracy where minorities are protected, you have a multi-political system as opposed to a one-party state, I said that is worth it. And that’s the difference we have made within a fifteen year period. We have influenced, we have changed, we have aided a one-party political, one party state. A country that had a policy of genocide to becoming a multiple, multi-political party state. A state that has a constitution. A state that has a minister that is totally responsible to safeguard minorities. If that happened within fifteen years, what we have done in Croatia, Bosnia is worth it. And that is why I am proud of this uniform.

In conclusion, Mr. Allaire shares a personal story of how he has pride for the accomplishments made under NATO within the country of Croatia.

Denis Allaire

Mr. Denis Allaire was born December 25, 1962 in Timmons, Ontario. As a young man, Mr. Allaire recalls his decision to join the military as a selfish opportunity for financial and security reasons and enlisted on a bet. He trained as a medic receiving trades training in Cornwallis, Ontario, OJT in Trenton, Ontario and then six month training at Borden, Ontario Medical School. Joining the 5 Field Ambulance Division as an army medic, Mr. Allaire deployed overseas, his first deployment being in 1993 to Croatia, then Rwanda followed by two tours to Bosnia. After 24 years of military service, he discharged from the military. Mr. Allaire retires having a great sense of pride for his contribution and is thankful that he made that decision in life to join the Canadian Forces.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
March 9, 2010
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Denis Allaire
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Canadian Armed Forces

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