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High Regard for Canadian Soldiers

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High Regard for Canadian Soldiers

Interviewer: How were the Canadians regarded by the other Allied troops that were there, the United States, British? We didn’t get to see a lot of, we had our own area to look after, our own section of the line, but I think that the Canadians were well respected for the number, for the length of the line that we had to cover and the number of troops that we had. I think that the other, our Allies thought the Canadians were pretty good soldiers and pretty good airmen, and pretty good sailors too. Canada did it's share and I’m very proud of what Canada did over there. I think the Korean people themselves appreciate this and they show this wherever they are, whenever they speak especially to Veterans. They remember. They teach their children. They express their appreciation for what Canada did. I don’t go around asking young children today or adults about what participation that Canada had in the war, but from what I gather they have far less knowledge and appreciation than what the Koreans have of the Canadians who served in the Korean War.

Mr. Pike expresses pride for Canada’s service in Korea, and the great respect Korean people have for Canadian soldiers.

Leslie Pike

Mr. Pike was born January 8, 1933 in Carbonear, Newfoundland. An only child, Mr. Pike left school at age 15 and worked as a clerk at a local hardware store to help support his mother and grandmother. Mr. Pike had a great desire to leave Newfoundland and decided to join the army. On October 23, 1950, at age 17, Mr. Pike travelled to St. John’s recruiting station. He became a stretcher bearer with the Regular Force 25th Canadian Field Ambulance Regiment, and served during the Korean War. After the war, Mr. Pike stayed in the service for an additional six years before returning to civilian life.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Leslie Pike
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Korean War
25th Canadian Field Ambulance RCA Medical Corp
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