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Remembrance Day

Heroes Remember

These are my father's medals. I, I'm sorry, I, I choke up a bit. Every Remembrance Day, or special day for the Forces, I have some medals I wear, but I always carry my dad's, always, in my pocket. I cannot wear them. I have no intention of wearing them. Included in here are two military medals for bravery in the field. Not campaign medals, these are real medals. I always carry my dad's medals. I marched with him on Remembrance Day, and he marches with me.

Mr. Adderley used to walk with his father on Remembrance Day but now that his father is gone he walks with his medals. He talks about how he feels his father is walking with him now.

Jack Adderley

Mr. Adderley was born on Nov. 24, 1924, He grew up in the north end of Hamilton. He was an only child and it was tough growing up for his father had trouble getting steady work as he suffered from lung damage suffered during the First World War. Mr. Adderley joined the reserves when he was too young to join the service and on his 19th birthday he joined the navy where he served in the Second World War and the Korean War. Mr. Adderley talks about what it was like to be in the navy and what it was like when they were ran ashore and the Americans gave them air support.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Jack Adderley
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Second World War
Leading Seaman
Radio Communication

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