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Impact the Service had on Women

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Impact the Service had on Women

We were the first, the Air Force was the first to join up, Air Force ladies and they were the last to get out. It would have definitely made an impact. Women realized that they could work out in the world like... just like men and they could do jobs just like men did and they suddenly felt they had freedom to do what they wanted to do. And I think that has made a major impact on how women work today. And everyone of us, most of us came out and did... finished our education first of all and, and because we had the freedom to work, I think... they just continued, a lot of the girls.

Mrs. Shoultz expresses her opinion on how military service gave woman an equal opportunity to succeed in life and achieve successful careers..

Doris Shoultz

Mrs. Doris Shoultz was born in Chester, Nova Scotia, June 11, 1925. She grew up in a small town, graduated high school at age 17 and while waiting to be old enough to go into nursing training, she became impatient and decided to enlist in the military. With a sense of adventure for travelling, Mrs. Shoultz and her best friend joined up. She enlisted in Halifax, Nova Scotia, going to Rockcliffe for three months where she would become a part of the No. 1 Flight Squadron and later take part in what was termed the Precision Drill Squadron. Doris met her husband while in the service. After three years of service in Canada, Doris was discharged. Mrs. Shoultz married and went back to school. She and her husband raised a family with one of her son’s attending Royal Military College. To this day, Doris describes her military life as the best days of her life!!

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Doris Shoultz
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Second World War
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Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division

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