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The Dropping of the Bomb Saved Us

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The Dropping of the Bomb Saved Us

We had a radio so we knew all about the bomb and we knew that this may be the break that would end it that maybe the Emperor would seize this as an excuse to bring the war to an end, because the Japanese nation was shattered. It was defeated, defeat beyond belief. They were starving to death, their industries were smashed, their navy was at the bottom of the ocean. Japan was... sixty of it's cities had been burned out by the American fire raids. Millions, nearly five million people were homeless in Japan. The Japanese were absolutely... the Americans had devastated Japan but still they wouldn't surrender until the bomb was dropped. And we knew they wouldn't surrender. They had never surrendered anywhere else. But the bomb saved us. And it saved millions of Japanese civilians as well.

Mr. MacDonell explains that with the help of the radio, the prisoners were made aware of the dropping of the bomb and that things were coming to an end.

George MacDonell

Mr. MacDonell was born in Edmonton, Alberta on August 15, 1922. He lost his parents at an early age and was raised by his uncle and family. In 1939, he ran away from home and made the decision to join the army. Mr. MacDonell served as Company Sergeant Major during the Battle of Hong Kong and in 1941 was captured and was a POW for four years. Post-military, Mr. MacDonell earned his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto and went on to have a successful business career. Mr. MacDonell is very active in his city and very proud of having served. Mr. MacDonell is retired and resides in Toronto, Ontario.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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George MacDonell
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Second World War
Hong Kong
Royal Rifles of Canada
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