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Escape in sock feet

Heroes Remember

During the night they... at least sometime they give us an extra couple of pairs of socks. We took our shoes off, put on the two extra socks, tie our shoes, laces around our neck. Made sure nothing made a noise and we left the hotel. And it was a nice moonlight night, didn't know where we were going, sock feet. We went up this mountain, the side of the mountain and there was another running along the edge there, and I fell into it. Two guys came in after, I was awful glad we were wearing sock feet, because one of them stepped on my face and one stepped on me again. I dropped my rifle, and I got out of the thing, found my rifle and started up that mountain. It was pretty steep, I mean we were going up, everybody had been quiet up until then but there was a machine gun in the distance see started opened up and generally, nobody worried about noise after that

Mr. Whitman describes leaving the hotel in sock feet in an effort to be as quiet as possible. When a machine gun opens fire, being noisy ceases to be an issue.

Allan Whitman

Allan Whitman was born in Bridgeville, Manitoba on February 21, 1921. His father ran a general store in which he also worked. Feeling it was his duty, Mr. Whitman enlisted with the Winnipeg Grenadiers in September, 1939 and trained at Minto and Tuxedo Barracks. In Hong Kong, he fought in D Company until his capture. Mr. Whitman became ill with dysentery, and later beri-beri, the debilitating effects of which kept him in hospital in Hong Kong until the war ended.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Allan Whitman
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Second World War
Hong Kong
Winnipeg Grenadiers

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