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Basic and Advanced Training

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Basic and Advanced Training

I took my basic training in Fredericton, New Brunswick and my advanced training in Utopia, that's around the Saint John area somewhere. Basic training is more or less discipline - learning how to salute and how to march, things like that and obeying orders and more or less the basics of discipline stuff. And advanced training that's when you get into handling weapons and so forth and being taught, I was with an infantry actually so you're taught camouflage and how to fight, bayonet fighting and stuff like that. And at the time the infantry had a small weapon, a PIAT they called it as an anti-tank weapon which wasn't too effective so the artillery turned over an artillery piece which was called a six-pounder and they were given courses at the time and I took the first course in Canada on this six-pounder as an anti-tank man.

Mr. Buote gives a synopsis of his training on his way to becoming an anti-tank man, training on the Army's new 6-pounder.

Peter Buote

Peter Buote was born in Rustico, Prince Edward Island in 1924, the youngest of 7 children. His early years were spent in an orphanage. After moving to Moncton, New Brunswick he left school at age 14 and went to work in the Minto coal mines. At 16, he went to work at a dry-cleaners. Despite being of age, Mr. Buote was turned down for Naval service because he looked too young. He later joined the Regina Rifles and was involved in the D-Day landing. He served as a sniper in Europe. Mr. Buote also served in Korea, and after returning to Canada, operated a dry-cleaning business.

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Peter Buote
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Second World War
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