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National Aboriginal Veterans Monument

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'Aboriginal-Canadians' are the people (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) whose ancestors lived here for thousands of years before the first explorers arrived from Europe. 'Veterans' are the brave people who have served in the military.

There are many Aboriginal-Canadian Veterans who have helped protect peace and freedom over the years. To honour them, the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument was unveiled in Ottawa in 2001. It has a large eagle on top, four men and women from different Aboriginal groups in the middle and sculptures of a grizzly bear, a caribou, a wolf and a bison around the outside. These animals have special symbolism in many Aboriginal-Canadian cultures.

What colours do you think this monument should be? Colour the picture and see how your ideas look!

National Aboriginal Veterans Monument Colouring Sheet

What would a monument to brave Aboriginal Veterans look like if you were the one who designed it? What kind of animals and symbols would you use? Here is your big chance! Why don't you take a sheet of paper and design, draw and colour your own monument to these Canadian heroes!

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