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Courageous Canines
Gandy Shows His Thanks

Gandy the Dog

Hi, it's Gandy again. This year I want to remember brave animals like my ancestor, Gander, who served in the Second World War.

I am going to make a wreath to honour everyone who protected peace and freedom worldwide. I am going to go to a Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11 where I will place my wreath at the local monument, called a cenotaph. Would you like to make a wreath too?


Dogs were trained to serve in war as messengers. They carried secret notes and encoded documents in their collars. They also served as watch dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, "para-dogs" (trained to parachute behind enemy lines), de-mining dogs (trained to sniff out landmines and bombs) and as man's best friend.

Gander the dog playing with children at the Second World War air base in Gander, Newfoundland
Little Dolls Aid In Remembrance
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