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Tales of Animals in War - 2007 Edition - Let's Remember Together!

By Gandy The Dog – Club Leader

Left to Right: Squeaker, Bonfire Jr., Simone, Gandy, Ellie and Win

We've had a busy year in the Pause for Remembrance Clubhouse! The six of us have a new motto: Let's Remember Together! We also have new plans on how to remember the men and women who served in war and peace efforts.

Today, I arrived at the Clubhouse and found that it was as busy as a beehive! Ellie, the elephant, was knitting little dolls. Simone, the cat, and Win, the bear, were planting seeds in flower pots. Bonfire, Jr., the horse, was studying a picture of a war memorial, while high above Squeaker, the pigeon, was gliding around with a graceful white paper bird in his beak. I joined in the fun, and began carefully tracing my paw print onto green paper to make a wreath. What does this all mean? To find out, try singing our new Rockin' Remembrance Rhyme!

We love our new song. It helps us understand our big plans to be part of remembrance. To learn more, read through this special newspaper. Let us, the Remembrance Club members, explain what we will do to be part of Remembrance Day and Veterans' Week, November 5-11. Maybe we will encourage YOU to start a Remembrance Club or take part in Remembrance Day this year. So, Let's Remember Together!

Rockin' Remembrance Rhyme

Hey, we're the Pause for
Remembrance Club,
Come on everybody;
Come remember with us!

Music Note 1

Remember what?
You may ask,
People and animals in war
They did amazing tasks!

How do you remember if
You weren't even there?
Through stories and pictures
Hey, we can all share!

What can we do now,
It was so long ago?
Being a part of remembrance,
It's what we're here to show!

Music Note 2

My name's Win,
And I'm Simone,
We remember with tulips
And poppies, so come on!

My name's Gandy,
Wreaths are what I take,
To the cenotaph,
For Remembrance sake.

My name's Squeaker and
I fold paper cranes,
They're a symbol of peace
from violence, we refrain.

My name is Bonfire Jr. and
I visit memorials.
It's cool to do,
So why don't you!

Music Note 3

Here is Ellie,
She never forgets,
Knitting Izzy Dolls is
What she does best!

Let's remember together!
It's what we do,
Remembering is cool,
Will you remember too?

Did You Know? Children Did Their Part Too


Young children were expected to help out during the First World War. Children knit socks for soldiers and helped around the house or farm.

Hee Haw!

Private P.T. Leachman with donkey mascot

Donkeys and pack mules were valuable in wartime because they could travel over rough ground where vehicles and even horses could not go. They carried loads of supplies weighing up to 91 kilograms at a speed of three kilometres per hour! They were also great mascots.

007 Feathered Spies!


Watch out James Bond! Pigeons are well known as messengers in war. They were also spy photographers. In the First World War, pictures taken by cameras attached to pigeons helped soldiers decide what direction to go in a battle.

Sergeant Teddy Bear!

Teddy Bear

Lieutenant Lawrence Rogers always carried a little teddy bear with him through the trenches of the First World War. It was a gift from his 10-year old daughter who hoped it would keep him safe.

Flower Power!
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