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Little Dolls Aid In Remembrance
Ellie The Elephant Knits In Memory Of The People
And Elephants Who Served

Ellie the Elephant


I'm Ellie and I know what it's like to be scared. Imagine! A big elephant like me getting scared when I see a little mouse! What is it like for boys and girls who live in war-torn countries? They must be scared everyday. Thank goodness Canadian soldiers help put smiles on these children's faces by giving them Izzy Dolls. Have you ever heard of Izzy Dolls?

Izzy Dolls (on display at the Canadian War Museum)

This year, I am going to remember by knitting Izzy Dolls for soldiers to give to children. My relative, Bandoola, helped out in the Second World War and now, I'm helping in my own way too!

First World War elephant

Elephants were very useful on war construction projects because of their strength. During the Second World War in Burma (now Myanmar), they were used to do things like build roads and transport people.

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