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Win learns about Korea

Monument to Canadian Fallen
Photo: VAC

During her summer vacation, Win spent some time with her friend John. He is a Veteran of the Korean War, which happened on the other side of the world. Win wanted to learn more about Korea and the places where John and his other Canadian friends had fought. John told her that Korea is a fascinating country. There are many hills and mountains, and people speak a very different language.

“John told me how much he missed home when he was in Korea for 18 months,” Win says. “He explained how hard it was to fight in a war, to see some of his friends get hurt or to even lose their lives. As you can imagine, John became very emotional while telling me this story.”

“I decided to do something for John,” says Win. “I remembered him talking about a special monument in Korea. I went on the Veterans Affairs Canada Web site, and found a picture of it. The Monument to Canadian Fallen is dedicated to those who served in Korea from 1950 to 1953. I printed a copy and gave it to John. He really liked it!”

Win shows her friends many pictures, maps and other information on the Korean War that she found on the Web. Everyone is very interested.

“Hey, why don’t we put a picture of the monument on a wall of our Clubhouse?” Win asks. “And since monuments really help us remember, let’s hold our ceremony at the cenotaph down the street!”

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