Bonfire Jr. the Horse in Ontario

Bonfire Jr. the horse near the Highway of Heroes in Ontario

Day 18: Trenton, Ontario

Statue of Winnie the Pooh in White River, Ontario. Photo: Township of White River

Driving on Highway 401 has been an emotional ride. We pulled over to pay respect for a fallen soldier returning from Afghanistan. The 172-km stretch of this highway, from Trenton to Toronto, is the route taken when soldiers who died overseas are returned home. No wonder it’s called the Highway of Heroes.

Day 22: White River, Ontario

Ontario Veterans Licence Plate - 000VET. Photo: Ontario Ministry of Transport

Here we are, the birthplace of Win’s great-grandmother Winnie the bear! During the First World War, trains would stop here to give the soldiers and horses a rest. One day, Harry Colbourn, an army veterinarian, bought a bear cub from a trapper. He named her Winnie in honour of his hometown Winnipeg.

His regiment adopted the bear as its mascot. Now there is a statue of Winnie here!

Onward to Manitoba! We can play I Spy to look for cars with Veteran licence plates. Every province in Canada has its own plate. What a great way to honour Veterans!

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