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Tales of Animals in War - 2010 Edition - Introduction

Remembrance Road Trip

Hi! My name is Gandy the dog. My Remembrance Clubhouse friends are on their way here to Newfoundland and Labrador—my family’s home province.

I’m pretty excited about them coming, and I’m getting ready for our adventure. Our plan is to travel for the next month, on a mighty road trip that will take us from Atlantic Canada all the way west to British Columbia.

Simone the cat e-mailed me today and wrote: “It’s so great that we will be seeing all sorts of remembrance symbols across Canada! Going to each of our home regions makes it extra special.”

Win the bear texted back and agreed wholeheartedly. “We are a huge country, more than 5,000 kilometres wide, but we share a common link: remembrance. We’ll see it all across the country!”

Squeaker the pigeon has already made a trip by air to the Far North. He’ll be sharing his unique “bird’s eye view” of remembrance with us!

Ellie the elephant texted from the airport: “I haven’t even taken off, but I already have butterflies in my stomach thinking of our new adventure! My luggage is stuffed with the gear we’ll use to record our trip—laptop, camera, phone, and MP3 player... See you soon!”

Bonfire Jr. the horse quickly replied, “Taking photos, videos, and writing stories will be great to include in our travel diaries for this special edition of Tales of Animals in War!” The six of us will get together tonight. We’ll start our journey tomorrow at the July 1st Memorial Day ceremony in St. John’s. I’ll be remembering my great-grandfather Gander, who served in the Second World War.


Hey! July 1st is also Canada Day—what a perfect day to start our cross-Canada tour! We’ll keep you posted along the way! Check out the next page for some details of our trip. If you want to be part of remembrance yourself, why don’t you search for symbols of remembrance in your community? You could also try out our new board game Which Way to Remembrance? inside.

Canada—here we come!

Gandy the Dog's Story
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