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Win the Bear in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Win the bear in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Day 23: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Taylor Field stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan. Photo: Courtesy of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Reaching the Prairies is awesome, especially cruising in Winnipeg, my hometown! One of my favourite streets is Valour Road. It was renamed in 1925 to honour three young men who grew up on this street and fought in the First World War. Can you believe that all three were awarded the Victoria Cross for their bravery?

Day 25: Regina, Saskatchewan

Dustin Wasden and Harold Wasden. Left to Right: Dustin Wasden (Photo: DND) and Harold Wasden (Photo: VAC)

We are in the golden wheatfields of Saskatchewan! Ellie is a big football fan, so we went to see a game at Taylor Field stadium in Regina, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. It is named after Neil “Piffles” Taylor, a pilot who was shot down during the First World War. He lost an eye and was captured, spending the rest of the war as a prisoner. Amazingly, he returned to quarterback the Roughriders after the war!

Day 26: Over Northern Saskatchewan

Float Plane

Today we took a float plane to see Wasden Lake, in northern Saskatchewan. The lake was named after Harold Wasden, who died in the Second World War. Six decades later, his nephew Dustin Wasden, was killed in Afghanistan.

Now an island in Wasden Lake is named after Dustin. As we dipped our feet in the water, we took a moment to think about all those who have died in war.

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