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Ellie the Elephant in Alberta and British Columbia

Ellie the elephant at the Calgary Military Museums

Day 28: Calgary, Alberta

John Pattison, VC. Photo: LAC

We saw an amazing mural here today at the Calgary Military Museums. It is a mosaic that is more than six metres wide and four metres high, made up of 240 individual paintings of military scenes. It was so cool!

Day 29: Jasper, Alberta

Today, we passed through the Rockies and learned about some special mountains dedicated to Canadians who were awarded the Victoria Cross. One of them is Mount Pattison, named after Alberta’s John Pattison who earned the medal during the First World War’s Battle of Vimy Ridge. Wow, his mountain sure is tall—fitting for a real-life hero!

Day 31: Vancouver, British Columbia

Monument in Vancouver, British Columbia. Photo: DND

We saw 21 town cenotaphs driving across beautiful British Columbia and tallied up the scores for our I Spy game. Squeaker won—he counted 518 Veteran licence plates! And now we are in Vancouver at a special monument outside the train station. It is dedicated to railway workers who served and died in war. Speaking of trains, did you know that 17 soldiers on their way to the war in Korea died in a train crash in B.C. in 1950? Even travelling to war can be dangerous.

Well friends, our journey is over but remembrance never ends. Now the challenge is yours. How will you remember?

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