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Soaring with the Snowbirds

The Snowbirds flying in formation over Niagara Falls.
Photo: Department of National Defence


I sure enjoyed our cool train trip across Canada. There is just so much to see in this vast country of ours. One of my favourite memories took place in Saskatchewan. We were near the prairie city of Moose Jaw when I looked out the window and saw some military jets soaring overhead, making amazing loops in the sky. My beak dropped open in awe as I watched the skillful flying. It was the Snowbirds—the Royal Canadian Air Force aerobatic team—practicing their routine. Have you ever seen them at an air show? I wish I could fly like that!

The Snowbirds’ home is in Moose Jaw. Did you know that their base was used for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan during the Second World War? There were flight schools across the country that hosted young air force recruits from Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Canada’s wide-open spaces and long distance from the front lines made it a great place for them to learn how to be pilots, navigators, flight engineers, radio operators, bomb aimers, air gunners, observers and mechanics. Sadly, many airmen would lose their lives during training accidents and in wartime operations. Their bravery in the air helped the Allies to victory in the conflict, and this proud flyer will never forget their courage and sacrifice.

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