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Veterans’ Week Teacher's Guides

Thank you for your interest and participation in Veterans’ Week. This special week is an ideal time to introduce youth to the importance of remembrance and its relevance in today's society. Veterans' achievements and sacrifices in times of war, military conflict and peace have helped to shape and sustain our modern country.

The Canada Remembers Program of Veterans Affairs Canada encourages youth to take an active part in remembrance learning, activities and events within their schools and communities. All of our learning resources are free of charge, and available in both official languages.

Our activity book Take Time to Remember is created for students ages 5 to 7, and offers learning activities that introduce concepts of Remembrance in a fun and educational way. The Tales of Animals in War newspaper, for ages 5 to 11, also introduces the concepts of remembrance and thanks to younger children.

The Canada Remembers Times newspaper, for ages 12 to 18, focuses on educating older students about Canada's rich military history and heritage, as well as making them aware of the interesting personal stories and experiences of Canadian Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members and all those who have served in the cause of peace and freedom, at home and around the world.

This Teacher's Guide resource is intended to be used with with Take Time to Remember, Tales of Animals in War and the Canada Remembers Times, as well as Postcards for Peace and Remembrance bookmarks. The newspapers offer a wide variety of stories and information while Postcards for Peace offer ways to connect with Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members. The colourful Remembrance bookmarks serve to help raise awareness of this special time of year. Many of the suggested learning activities are cross-curricular in nature and can be adapted for a variety of age groups, interests and abilities.

Additional learning resources and fun activities are found in the Educator’s section on our Web site.

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