Selected List of Canadian Fallen Buried in Italy

Below is a selected list drawn from the almost 6,000 Second World War Canadian fallen buried in Italy. The list contains one individual for each of the 41 cemeteries there where Canadians are found. Men and women from across Canada, they served in the army, the air force and the navy. By remembering one individual, we take a moment to remember all those who served and died.

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Name Home
Cemetery Canadian
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Fredrick Bennett Stewart PE Agira Canadian War Cemetery 485 Agira
Joseph Doucette NS Ancona War Cemetery 161 Ancona
Terry Faulkner Rowe SK Anzio War Cemetery 3 Anzio
Ross Frederick Whittard ON Arezzo War Cemetery 22 Arezzo
Gordon Wilfred Sterling ON Argenta Gap War Cemetery 76 Argenta
Herbert Donald Rathert MB Assisi War Cemetery 50 Assisi
Lester Cameron Graham NS Bari War Cemetery 213 Bari
Ernest Chipchase AB Beach Head War Cemetery (Anzio) 70 Beach Head
Joseph Lawrence Druet NB Bologna War Cemetery 30 Bologna
George Albert Fisher ON Bolsena War Cemetery 13 Bolsena
Joseph Rene Phillippe Markowski QC Cagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery 3 Cagliari
Arthur Franklin Devine ON Caserta War Cemetery 98 Caserta
Archibald James Kenyon BC Cassino Memorial 199 Cassino Memorial
Stanley Azarkiewicz NS Cassino War Cemetery 857 Cassino
John Edmund Dawe NL Castiglione South African Cemetery 2 Castiglione
Leslie Cyril Gosling BC Catania War Cemetery 14 Catania
Huron Eldon Brant ON Cesena War Cemetery 308 Cesena
Saul Albert QC Coriano Ridge War Cemetery 428 Coriano Ridge
Oscar Waldemar Christiansen ON Faenza War Cemetery 26 Faenza
John Joseph Bindon NL Florence American Cemetery 1 Florence American
Maud Elizabeth Steane ON Florence War Cemetery 53 Florence
Jack William Day MB Foiano Della Chiana War Cemetery 7 Foiano Della Chiana
William Reginald Fair ON Forli War Cemetery 6 Forli
Gordon Hefford NS Gradara War Cemetery 371 Gradara
Hedley William Fitch ON Milan War Cemetery 20 Milan
Joseph Vincent Wagner ON Minturno War Cemetery 34 Minturno
George Waniandy AB Montecchio War Cemetery 34 Montecchio
Walter Walsh QC Moro River Canadian War Cemetery 1357 Moro River
John Spence Gibbon NB Naples War Cemetery 41 Naples
Arthur Ward Hawkins ON Orvieto War Cemetery 3 Orvieto
Frank Joseph Kwiecien ON Padua War Cemetery 15 Padua
James Edward Grinder BC Ravenna War Cemetery 437 Ravenna
Marie Cecile Dussio
(nee Levesque)
QC Rome (Verano) Communal Cemetery 1 Verano
Gordon Harry Bullen QC Rome War Cemetery 22 Rome
Toussaint Joseph Arsenault PE Salerno War Cemetery 29 Salerno
Archibald Thomas Fisher NL Sangro River War Cemetery 19 Sangro River
Leonard Kenneth Murray QC Santerno Valley War Cemetery 10 Santerno Valley
Donald Ernest Hillman SK Staglieno Cemetery 4 Staglieno
George Allan Kirkwood McPherson NL Syracuse War Cemetery 3 Syracuse
George Vernon Hall ON Udine War Cemetery 1 Udine
Arthur Larocque ON Villanova Canadian War Cemetery 205 Villanova
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