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Answer Sheet: Liberation of the Netherlands Heroes Remember Video

  1. How long was the Netherlands under bondage during the Second World War (i.e. occupied by the Germans)?

    Five years
  2. Where was most of the fighting done in flooded portions of the Netherlands?

    On the dykes
  3. What was the name of one kind of amphibious army vehicle that only rode three to six inches (7.5-15 cm) above the water?

  4. What did one small, hungry girl eat in front of a Canadian soldier while other children looked on “like wolves”?

    A Brussel sprout
  5. On what day did the war (in the Netherlands) come to an end?

    May 5, 1945
  6. What did Glen Tomlin shoot when he nervously entered a room in a house the soldiers were clearing?

    A full-length mirror
  7. What did Joseph Wormersley hear as he was about to roll a grenade down the stairs in a house the soldiers were clearing?

    A baby crying
  8. How young were some of the German soldiers pressed into service at the end of the Second World War?

    12, 14 and 15-years-old
  9. After the country was liberated, what was done to the hair of some Dutch women who had been “too friendly” with German soldiers?

    Their heads were shaved
  10. What colour did Dutch people like to wear to celebrate the liberation of their country?

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