Flower Power!
By Gandy The Dog

Win the Bear

At the Clubhouse, I sat with Win and Simone while they planted seeds in planters. They had decided to plant a remembrance flower garden in their backyard as their way to remember together.

They plan to have the poppy flower in their garden because it is a symbol of remembrance. They will also plant tulip bulbs because tulips are a symbol of international friendship.

"When I look at our remembrance garden, I will remember the importance of friendship. I will also remember my relative, Winnie-the-Bear, who was a lovable mascot and friend to soldiers in the First World War. That's how I got my name," says Win.

Simone the Cat

"When we see the flowers growing each spring, we will remember that war can bring sadness to people and animals," Simone explains. "My relative, Simon, served in a military conflict with other animals and people. Many of them died while fighting for peace."

I was impressed with Win and Simone's plans. They will wear poppies on Remembrance Day, and their remembrance flower garden will grow for years. What wonderful ways to remember!

Let's Remember Together this year. To remember this year, you too could plant a remembrance garden with tulips, poppies or other flowers of your choice!



Tulips are a symbol of international friendship. In the Second World War, Canada helped the people of The Netherlands stay safe in their country. We also helped their Princess and her daughters by inviting them to live safely in Canada. To say thank you, in 1945 the Princess sent Canada 100,000 tulip bulbs. The Netherlands still sends us 15,000 tulip bulbs every year.

Simon the Cat with Lieutenant Commander Kerans of the H.M.S. Amethyst


Cats were often kept on ships as mascots during war because, as hunters, they caught rats onboard. They adapted well to sea life and were easily cared for. Cats were also good to cuddle when the seamen were sick, scared or lonely.

Captain Harry Colebourn, with his bear cub Winnie, 1914


Bears were often mascots in war because they were friendly with people. They were also believed to bring good luck to the soldiers. Winnie-the-Bear (who inspired the character Winnie the Pooh) was a mascot during the First World War.



Poppies grow in fields in France where wars took place. The flower reminds us of the sacrifices and loss of war. We can wear poppies as a symbol of remembrance on November 11 and during Veterans' Week as a way of showing respect for the people who have served in wars or peace support missions.

Peace Cranes
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