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Bonfire, Jr. The Horse

Bonfire Jr. the Horse

My ancestor Bonfire served as a mascot and dear friend to Dr. John McCrae during the First World War. Sadly, Dr. McCrae died in the war. Bonfire remembered him by attending his funeral in France.

I plan to remember horses like Bonfire and men like Dr. McCrae on November 11. I will remember by attending the national Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. This monument has bronze figures of soldiers, nurses and animals representing the thousands of Canadians and animals who served in wartime.

National War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario

There are war memorials all across Canada! Visit one of these monuments or attend a ceremony on Remembrance Day in YOUR community! It’s a great way to be part of Remembrance!

Horses served in war by carrying soldiers on their backs and by pulling weapons, cannons, supply sleds, ambulances and more. They were also mascots and loving companions to their human caregivers. They continue to serve in places like Afghanistan, where they carry water and food in the mountains where trucks and helicopters cannot go.

Bonfire at John McCrae's funeral 1918
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