Underwater Swimmers


Ah, the public library! Ellie is happy to amble over to one of her favourite places in town. There are so many interesting books here. Where to look first? She asks Mr. Lepage, the librarian, for a book about Canada's Veterans. Mr. Lepage hands Ellie a brand-new book about the Frogmen of Burma. These Veterans served in Southeast Asia during the Second World War. Asia? That's where Ellie was born! How perfect! Ellie can't wait to read all about them!

Frogman Illustration

She learns that Burma is a country in Southeast Asia which is also known as Myanmar. The Frogmen were soldiers who were trained to work underwater. The divers' job was to clear any obstacles, such as mines or barriers that might block the beach where soldiers would land. The frogmen were skilled in the use of explosives but their job was still very dangerous.

Ellie wonders why the divers were called frogmen. What a funny word! Mr. Lepage helps Ellie find a picture of the divers and a description of their diving suits in the book. He reads "they were called frogmen because of their tight rubber diving suits and their long, rubber flippers that looked like frog feet."

Ellie is so excited to have found a story about Canadian Veterans who served in her native continent. She can't wait to tell her Clubhouse friends!

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