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Tales of Animals in War - 2008 Edition

Town Treasures

Remembrance Clubhouse

The Remembrance Clubhouse animals meet early one Saturday morning. They want to find out about the people in their hometown who have protected peace and freedom. Where in the world did they go? What did they see and do? The animals have lots of questions and they'd like to find some answers.

The Clubhouse animals decide to comb their town to find whatever they can that tells a story about the town's Veterans, those men and women who have gone to war or have worked for world peace. A town map will help them get started.

On the map, the animals see many buildings. There is the town hall, the police station, the hospital, the school, the community hall, the post office. . .

Bonfire Jr.

"Hey, everybody," says Bonfire Jr. the horse. "I was in the post office last week and I saw a collection of brightly coloured postcards that had been sent home by soldiers from wars far away. I'll go and take a closer look."


"I was at the library yesterday," adds Ellie the elephant. "There are so many books and pictures there. I'm sure I'll find something about our Veterans."


Squeaker the pigeon thinks for a minute. "On the harbour front, there is an antique shop full of neat things," he says. "Why don't I look there?"


"And I'll explore the museum on Main Street near the Cenotaph," offers Win the bear. "I saw a poster of a soldier out front the other day. I'd like to see what's inside."


"What about me?" Simone the cat asks. "Where can I look? I want to find something interesting too."


"Maybe you can find some yard sales this morning," suggests Gandy the dog. "You never know what might be at a yard sale on a bright Saturday morning. I'll go to the Army Surplus store, just in case there's something terrific there."

The animals leave their clubhouse, each going in a different direction. The town's stories are waiting to be discovered and the animals are so excited that they can't help but run. It feels like they are on a treasure hunt. What will they find?

Courage Counts!
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