What's on the Menu?


Win is especially excited about the Clubhouse animals' quest because her neighbour, Justin, bravely served as a trooper in Afghanistan. Win is very proud of Justin!

Inside the museum, Win sees that it is a military museum. It contains many objects used by soldiers. There are photographs, letters, paintings, small-scale models of battlefields, and lots more. Wow! Wait until the others hear about what Win has found, and so close by!

Win wanders through the museum. What interests her most is food! She sees field rations eaten by the soldiers in Afghanistan when they are away from their base. They are called MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). The meal choices sound tasty to Win. Chicken Mediterranean. Cheese tortellini. Yum! There are vegetarian meals, and Kosher and Halal choices, too. The MREs are sealed in plastic pouches to keep them fresh and they come with their own chemical heater, so the food can be eaten hot.

Win is getting very hungry. Her tummy tells her it's time for lunch.

Soldier. Photo: Canadian Forces Combat Camera IS2007-0482

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