Ellie visits Belgium

Menin Gate, in Ypres
Photo: VAC

Ellie is very happy. She is home from Europe and excited to share her stories with her friends.


Ellie visited Belgium, where she learned a lot about Canada in the First World War. She toured the historic city of Ypres. Ellie really liked the old buildings. She also bought famous Belgian chocolates for her friends.

Ellie went to a remembrance ceremony at Menin Gate, a beautiful memorial that honours soldiers who died in Belgium during the First World War. Many soldiers were Canadians.

Every evening, at 8 o’clock, people attend a ceremony to remember the thousands who died during the war. As part of the ceremony, buglers play The Last Post. That was Ellie’s favourite moment because her trunk sounds much like a bugle.

City of Ypres, Belgium
Photo: VAC

Ellie is excited they are going to have their own remembrance ceremony, as she will play The Last Post. Ellie is going to practice very hard to make sure she does a good job. Maybe one day, she could play at Menin Gate!

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