Squeaker the Pigeon in the Territories

Squeaker the pigeon in front of the Juno Beach Centre in France

Day 16: Squeaker’s flight

Monument in Mayo, Yukon. Photo: DND

We stopped in Ottawa to take pictures of the Parliament Buildings and I shared stories of my own adventure last month. I had been so excited about our road trip that I flew up north to Yellowknife to visit my friend Juno the Polar Bear. He is the mascot for the Canadian Army!

I asked him about the stone sculptures I saw while flying over Nunavut. He told me they are inuksuit, built by the Inuit to guide travellers and mark places of respect. There is one inuksuk in front of the Juno Beach Centre in France. It honours First Nations, Métis and Inuit soldiers.

Up north I also took a picture of a really cool monument in Mayo, Yukon. The big stone on top is shaped like the Yukon Territory!

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