Loveable Mascots

Win the Bear

Private P.T. Leachman with the donkey mascot of the Saskatoon Light Infantry.
DND ARMY 23177 and DVA 519-16

My relative Winnie was a loveable mascot for a group of Canadian soldiers during the First World War. Mascots represent groups or teams. In the military, animal mascots often serve as pets to provide fun and friendship.

Many animals have served as mascots onboard Canadian ships. Playful dogs like Rags and Jeannie sailed during the Second World War. Cats and even Muncher the rabbit also had their “sea paws!” They provided comfort to sailors. Other animals, like Mike, the Saint Bernard, preferred dry land. He was the mascot of the Algonquin Regiment during the Second World War.

Mascots come in various shapes and sizes. A donkey served as the mascot of the Saskatoon Light Infantry in Sicily in 1943. Batisse the goat, representing the Royal 22e Régiment, patrols the Citadelle, in Québec City. Today, the Canadian Army’s mascot is Juno, a cuddly life-size teddy bear.

Mascots, real or stuffed, always rally the troops! Does your school have a mascot?

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