Remembrance Clubhouse Family Tree

Canadians all have different family backgrounds. Here are our brave ancestors. Do you know yours?

Bonfire Jr. the Horse

During the First World War, my relative Bonfire was the best friend of a Canadian doctor and poet named John McCrae. Bonfire carried the doctor to the battlefield. Sadly, Dr. McCrae died in 1918. Bonfire proudly took part in his military funeral procession.

Simone the Cat

My relative Simon served on a British warship in 1949. The ship was attacked in China and stranded for three months. Many sailors were hurt. Simon was hurt too but kept catching rats, which saved precious food. He also comforted the wounded men. Simon was presented with the Dickin Medal for his bravery. What a cool cat!

Gandy the Dog

During the Second World War, my relative Sergeant Gander was a mascot in Hong Kong. One night, a grenade was thrown at some Canadian soldiers. Gander knew it was dangerous. He took it and ran away. Sadly, the grenade exploded and Gander died. He received the Dickin Medal.

Squeaker the Carrier Pigeon

My relative Beachcomber was a carrier pigeon during the Second World War. He delivered important messages for Canadian soldiers. The messages were rolled up and put in a container attached to his leg. He received the Dickin Medal for his courage. He was no chicken!

Win the Bear

My relative was a bear cub. She was adopted as a mascot by a soldier from Winnipeg during the First World War. He named her Winnie! But it was too dangerous on the battlefield for her, so she went to the London Zoo. While there, she inspired an author to write a story . . . Winnie the Pooh!

Ellie the Elephant

My relative Bandoola served during the Second World War in Burma, Asia. He and other elephants moved logs to build bridges. They also carried people across rivers and towed army trucks stuck in the mud. I will always remember Bandoola!

Loveable Mascots
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