Oh Canada!

Win the Bear

When I think of Canada, I think of the maple leaf. You can see them waving on our country’s flags, stitched on the front of sports jerseys and Canadian Forces members’ uniforms… and of course growing in our forests! Plus maple syrup comes from maple trees – we bears love maple syrup as much as honey!

Southwest Asia
Service Medal.
Photo: DND

The maple leaf means a lot to Canadians serving far from home and helping people in places like the Congo, Haiti and the Persian Gulf. Our flag has waved over our military bases in Afghanistan for more than ten years. It has given a splash of bright red and white colour to a dusty, dangerous landscape. Many Canadian Forces members have received a medal for their service there. It has a maple leaf as part of the design.

What a powerful Canadian symbol. I think we should plant two maple trees in our Remembrance Garden!

Don’t Forget to Remember!
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