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Tales of Animals in War - 2012 Edition

Green Thumbs for Remembrance

Hi, I’m Gandy the dog! This morning, I spent some relaxing time with my Remembrance friends at our clubhouse. Simone the cat was quietly purring, curled up on the couch, while Win the bear was colouring. Outside, Ellie the elephant was lying in the hammock, lightly spraying herself with her trunk. Bonfire Jr. the horse was having a nap, waving his tail at the flies. Squeaker the pigeon was snacking at the bird feeder.

I was reading about Victory Gardens. I learned that during the First and Second World Wars, a lot of the food grown on farms was sent to soldiers overseas. To help feed their families, many people planted small vegetable gardens in their own yards and window boxes.

That’s what gave me an idea… “Hey guys! What do you think about planting a remembrance garden to honour those who served in times of war? I know that the ‘Forget-me-not’ is a well-known remembrance flower in Newfoundland and Labrador, where I’m from.”

“Great, let’s not forget poppies,” Bonfire Jr. neighed. “Everyone wears one in November.”

“I’d love to help,” Squeaker squawked. “We should also have tulips.”

Simone pranced over. “Cool idea! Do you guys remember the name of that flower on the Korean War monument we visited last year in Ottawa? I think it was a special rose.”

Ellie lumbered over: “Yeah, what about wreaths?” she said. “They used to be made of laurel leaves. Maybe we should plant a laurel shrub?”

“I’ll help too,” said Win, “but I’ll need my net hat because I’m afraid of honey bees. What about planting a maple tree to remember those who served in the Canadian Forces?”

“Let’s get started!” we all cheered, with shovels and rakes in the air.

Squeaker flew the coop, out to the garden store for seeds, bulbs and saplings. The rest of us prepared the soil, digging and designing. Ellie and her trunk volunteered to be the official waterer! Our garden will need a lot of hard work, but it will be our way of remembering Canadians who have helped others around the world and the importance of peace.

Why don’t you create a school remembrance and peace garden? The more it grows, the more you will remember!

The Red Flower of Remembrance
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