Elephants never forget!

Ellie the Elephant

Hey, I also have a neat idea for our garden. I always thought that the wreaths people lay at war memorials are a nice way to show that we remember. I think we should grow some plants in our garden that we can use to make our own wreath!

I did some surfing on the Web and found out that after the First World War, lots of Canadian Veterans returned home with serious injuries. Many of them worked in Vetcraft shops alongside other Veterans, building things like furniture and toys. They also made commemorative wreaths. Come to think of it, who better to honour those who died in war than people who were injured in war?

Remembrance wreath.
Photo: VAC

There are no Vetcraft shops anymore, but I think we should follow their lead. Let’s plant some tall grasses, laurel shrubs and other greenery in our garden. Then we could make handmade wreaths for a nice remembrance ceremony next year… because an elephant never forgets and neither should anyone else!

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