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Canadians buried in Hannover Cemetery:

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Allen, Deborah Kay 1955
Anderson, Dso, E. H. 1957
Appleby, S. V. 1957
Arsenault, A. 1955
Benight, E. C. 1955
Benson, C. D. 1954
Bourget, J. P. R. 1957
Bowden, Holly 1957
Brideau, S. J. 1956
Brown, G. 1957
Bryan, John Steven 1958 1958
Calliou, J. W. 1952
Campbell, R. E. 1954
Campbell, L. A. 1954
Campbell, Ivy Grace 1957
Carleton, Catherine Lucille 1956
Casson, J. W. 1952
Castonguay, Michelle Bethena 1956
Charbonneau, J. 1954
Cherry, Cheryl Anne 1956
Chisholm, Infant Child Of Cfn 1958
Church, Maureen Roberta 1956 1957
Claveau, D. 1955
Connolly, Sharon 1958
Corbet, Marion 1956

Hannover Cemetery

Photo by Trevor Heavens

Canada has played an integral role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since its inception on 4 April 1949. Canada’s commitment to NATO resulted in the stationing of a brigade group in Germany. Although the Canadian Forces had been in Germany for some time, in 1953, with the establishment of new camps, wives and children were allowed to join their husbands and fathers.

As with any community there were marriages, births, and, unfortunately deaths. Canadians serving with NATO were not exempt from any of these facts of life, the joy nor the sorrow.

27 Brigade was garrisoned in the area of Hannover. The Canadian Brigade was in the British occupied zone of Germany and came under command of the British Army of the Rhine, and the Hannover Military Cemetery became the last resting place of 85 post war military and 67 dependant wives and children. In addition, prior to the establishment of a Canadian Section in the Werl Cemetery, post war military and dependants from the Werl area were buried in Hannover

The Hannover Military Cemetery is located adjacent to the Hannover War Cemetery and, on behalf of the Canadian and British Governments, The Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintains the post-war service and dependants graves located in the Hannover Military Cemetery.

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