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Canadian Military Memorials Database

This website is a repository of memorials and monuments located in communities across the country. Currently, more than 8,200 memorials are posted on our website. This site is regularly updated as we continue to receive information on Canadian military memorials. Canadians are invited to submit memorials dedicated to the memory of Canada’s brave fallen.

Please contact the Canadian Military Memorials Database at if you have any questions.

Images and information found on this site have been provided by contributors. It is neither a national heritage site, nor does it provide a complete listing of military memorials located in Canada.

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If an error message is received when searching, the reason may be incorrect spelling or the specified search criteria is not registered within the Memorial database.

This information is provided by contributors and Veterans Affairs Canada makes it available as a service to the public. Veterans Affairs Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or reliability of the information.

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