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Richmond Cairn

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Municipality/Province: Richmond, ON

Memorial number: 35050-155

Type: Cairn

Address: 6430 Ottawa Street West

Location: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 625

GPS coordinates: Lat: 45.175954   Long: -75.8415253

Photo credit: Tim Laye, Ontario War Memorials

Members of the Richmond Legion wanted to mark the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and honour all the members of the Armed Forces - past, present and future. In 2010, they started looking for ideas on the best way to do this. They made an application to the Canadian Armed Forces who were offering disarmed and disabled army vehicles. Plans were made to put down a cement pad, measurements taken and finances planned. Their first vehicle choice was not available, the second vehicle was too large for the space available and the third one required too much maintenance and upkeep. So the idea of a military vehicle memorial was shelved.

It was decided that a stone cairn was to be constructed with plaques on each side commemorating historical and military events and personnel. In the spring of 2012 plans were drawn and finances approved. That fall the base was poured and materials ordered.

Unfortunately, the stone required to finish the cairn was not received until the spring of 2013 and the plaques for each side of the cairn did not arrive until late May 2013. The cairn was unveiled and dedicated on 1 June 2013 at the Richmond Legion 40th anniversary dinner.

Inscription found on memorial


Dedicated to the memory of
past, current, and future members of
Branch 625 Royal Canadian Legion
Richmond and District Ontario

[right side/côté droit]

Dedicated to the memory of
those from Richmond & District
who served in
the 1st or 2nd World War.
Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.
We will remember them.

∼ 1818 ∼

Dedicated to memory of the soldiers
and their families who created the
Military Settlement of Richmond.
The strength of purpose of
those first settlers from
the 100th Regiment of Foot
following the end of
the War of 1812-1814
will not be forgotten.

[left side/côté gauche]

Dedicated to the memory of all
those Civilian and Military who served in all
Peacekeeping activities throughout the world.
Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.
We will remember them.

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