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St. Norbert Cenotaph

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Municipality/Province: Winnipeg, MB

Memorial number: 46011-003

Type: Shaft

Address: 847 Ste. Therese Avenue

Location: St. Norbert Cemetery

GPS coordinates: Lat: 49.763726   Long: -97.1450609

Submitted by: Philip M. Lyons; Karen Nicholson; Gary Dickson, Victoria Edwards.

The St. Norbert Cenotaph was financed by a collection from students at St. Norbert Boys School. Principal J.A.M. Cyr donated the funds to Reverend Cure M. Cloutier. The cenotaph was erected between 1921 and 1922, as Cloutier became a Monseigneur in 1922.

Since 2009, a Remembrance Day Service has been held here annually and caring for the monument has become a community project. At the 2019 service, three people attended who were family members of one of the 13 people honoured on the cenotaph. 

Jim Busby, a local amateur historian and researcher, helped research the 13 servicemen from St. Norbert with assistance from the Manitoba Historical Society and Darryl Toews. Among those memorialized on the cenotaph are Charles Leaumorte and Jules Seewald, two French men who were called back to France to serve once war broke out. Leaumorte was a teacher in St. Norbert.

Inscription found on memorial

A la Glorieuse mémoire des Volontaires de
tombes au champ d Honneur
pendant la Grande Guerre

SEEWALD JULES (réserviste)



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