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Canadian National Historic Site Designation

Since April 10, 1997, the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in Vimy, France is a Canadian National Historic Site.

The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada stated that the Canadian National Vimy Memorial be designated a Canadian national historic site because Canada's accomplishment, contribution and sacrifice in the First World War are themselves of major national significance. The War itself was a landmark in the development of Canada as a nation. Vimy is the site of a great Canadian victory in the First World War, and it memorializes Canadians lost in the conflict who have no known grave.

The Statement of Commemorative Integrity developed by the Commemorative Integrity research team reads:

Canada commemorates at the site of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial:

  • its national memorial in Europe for the First World War;
  • the memory and sacrifice of Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in the War, including the 11,285 soldiers who were missing in France, whose names are inscribed on the monument;
  • the outstanding achievements of Canadians in France and Belgium during the War, including the attainment of military objectives at Vimy, which had eluded other armies;
  • the site of Vimy Ridge and its associations with the awakening of Canadian identity;
  • the first occasion on which the Canadian Corps fought as a unit, composed of men from every part of Canada, and the welding together of an efficient fighting organization;
  • the heroism of Canada's soldiers overseas; and
  • the design and intent of the original memorial park plan including the monument and associated landscapes.
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